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smearing lipstick

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"underoath" pj harvey, 000corpses, 30 seconds to mars, airheads, alexisonfire against all authority, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, amile, animal, atreyu, austin powers movies, bad brains, bands:nirvana, beastie boys, beat happening, beatles, ben kweller, better than ezra, bill/teds excellent adventures, black sheepcheech and chong, blonde readhead, blood for blood, blue oyster cultrue culb, blue velvet, bright eyes, butthole surfers sublime, cat in the hat, ccr, cheap sex, chucky moviestommy boy, city of lost children, dawn of the dead, devils rejects, dillinger escape plan, domer, donnie darko, dude wheres my car, dumb and dumber, ed gein, excersist gormanghast, fern gully, fight club, first to last, flipper, from hell, gacy, gg allin cocteau twins, gin blossoms, green river, hide and seek, him, hothotheat, house of 1, interview with a vampire, it, jj72, joe dirt, johnathan rice, ju sung, led belly, libertines decemberests, little audrey movies, manson, marcy playground, may, mazzy star, melvins, movies:the bad seed, necros, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, norma jean, not another teen movie, operation ivy, others, peter pan movies, pixies, placebo, queen, r.e.m, rabbit grannys, revenge of the nerds, roadtrip, rocket man, rocky horror picture show, romeo and juliet, sandlot, sean of the dead, sex pistols, shallow hal, shaonen knife, shrek, shudder to think, sid and nancy, silverchair, skin diver, smelvins, snatch, squad five-0, suicide machines, superstar, supertroopers, talking heads soundgarden, ted bundy, the birds, the burbs, the dark crystal, the eyes alice cooper, the germs, the knack, the red cord, the ring, the shinning, the stills, the stooges, the streets, the village, the ziggens, tiny tim lazyboy, trainspotting, united states of leland, vaselines, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, vex pop, wedding singer, white zombie, who framed roger rabbit, winter park, wipers shoucking blue, zombies